Spotlight on sponsors: Leyton Yoga

Leyton Yoga, a yoga studio in East London, UK, is the first, official sponsor The OMPowerment Project. leyton yoga has made a commitment to raising around £250 a month, making them our first Agent of Change.

Can you say a few words about Leyton Yoga to introduce yourselves?

We strongly believe that yoga is a healing practice for body and mind, and that's what we share with our students.

These days, yoga is often displayed and perceived as a practice for bendy 20-somethings who strike a pose on a sunny beach or in a trendy gym. 

At Leyton Yoga, we aim to move away from that image and bring yoga back to the reality of day-to-day living, with all of its ups and downs. In yoga, everyone is welcome and our diverse community of students and teachers reflects that.

I know that the “Leyton Yoga Community” is important to you. can you tell us what it means and why it is important?

The word yoga is often translated as union. When we practice yoga, we practice the union of body and mind. But body and mind are not the only things that are separated through modern life. We may be in London, with millions of others around us, but many of us still live very isolated and separated from the people around us. 

Breathing and chanting in unison, moving together, or sitting still together can be very powerful tools to reconnect to ourselves and those around us. 

Yoga creates union within us and union around us - by practicing together and witnessing each others’ presence, we create community. 

At Leyton Yoga, people from very different strands of life come together. Some great friendships have developed here between people who may not have otherwise met. 

On a broader level, community expands beyond the borders of East London. We are aware that those of us who are able to afford and attend a yoga class in our neighborhood, are extremely fortunate and that most people worldwide don’t share that privilege. 

Please speak a bit about ‘Karma Yoga’?

Karma yoga is the yoga of action, or selfless service to the right cause. It is the reason we have decided to support The OMPowerment Project through monthly fundraising classes and building awareness of the word - so that yoga is available to those who need it most.

Leyton Yoga Fundraisers for The OMPowerment Project take place each month. Upcoming events include:

Friday 26th October 7pm-9pm Halloween freedom flow with Jessica Green

Friday 9 November 7pm-9pm Inversion Workshop with Thea Mallard

Friday 21 December 7pm - 9pm Closing practice for 2018 with Leila Dolat and Jessica Green

For more details about Leyton Yoga, the above workshops and how to book visit

Julia Midlandsponsor, London