Introducing Esmail, OMPowerment Norway trainee 2018

Esmail “knew it would be easier to move into his own space of tranquillity and peace”

Before joining the OMPowerment training in Ulsteinvik, Norway, Esmail had never practised before and never really heard anything about yoga before but was curious to see what it was about. Esmail had practised weight training quite a bit in Syria. He found yoga different because it was more holistic and had activated both his body and mind. Weight training had activated one of his muscle groups at a time but he said he had noticed that yoga had required him to engage more muscle groups at once for integrated movements. 

Esmail also practised karate in Syria and had learnt to meditate as part of that karate practise. He would advise anyone and everyone to meditate and he said he would now recommend yoga to anyone who struggled with meditation alone. Esmail’s favourite pose of the week was savasana. His favourite part of the OMPowerment training, however, was practising Tree pose because he found it so peaceful to have created a tree out of his body. He said he had been advising others in his community to keep going with their yoga and meditation practices. 

Every day of the OMPowerment training, Esmail was working two jobs as a cleaner in two different grocery stores. When we asked if he had found that tough, he reflected that the training had required his commitment both physically and mentally. He went on to say that he thought he’d struggled all his life but he felt that the yoga had improved his perspective and the week had felt a little easier somehow.

Esmail said he was looking forward to taking his yoga practice outdoors in the quiet of the Norwegian mountainside that surround Ulsteinvik. He was keen to experience practising outdoors because he said he knew it would be easier to move into his own space of tranquillity and peace. 

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Julia MidlandNorway, Trainee