INtroducing IMogen north -YOGA TEACHER, MYANMAR TRAINING 2018

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“The spirit needs to give - if you have something to give - something to contribute beyond yourself - you must grow” 

The OMPowerment Project is delighted to introduce Imogen North who will lead two trainings in Myanmar in November 2018. In collaboration with Whispering Seed, a Myanmar based charitable organisation focusing on the empowerment of local communities through holistic education, Imogen will lead an OMPowerment training in Myanmar in November 2018 for 10 girls from 5 different regions in Myanmar.  

Originally from London, Imogen now lives in Yangon, Myanmar, teaching and leading retreats across Europe and South East Asia. She trained with Katy Appleton, Judith Hanson Lasater, Tiffany Cruikshank and most recently with “Off the Mat and into the World” which added to her skills by enabling her to teach trauma-informed yoga.  After visiting Myanmar as a tourist in 2015, Imogen moved to Myanmar in 2017 to set up a not-for-profit to help women through trauma by using yoga for self-regulation.  She landed on 25 August 2017, the day when new outbreaks of violence in the Rakhine state caused hundreds of thousands of Rohingya civilians to flee to Bangladesh.  Realising there was huge need in Myanmar across all internally displaced communities, Imogen set out to help through yoga.  

Imogen believes yoga is the key to balance in life both on and off the mat. Through her teaching she hopes to encourage possibility, self-awareness and self-nourishment. Imogen fiercely believes that yoga is for everyone, that it is a vital tradition that transcends all race and religion, fundamental in all of our lives more so now than ever before. Imogen teaches in a safe house for girls and women in Yangon, holding space for them to let go of what else is going on in their days.  She has seen how yoga has helped them find calmness and discover more stability in their bodies.  

Since Imogen became a yoga teacher, the yoga community has overwhelmed her with generosity, support and the ability to take yoga off the mat.  It is this generosity, this union of skills, time and funds that Imogen believes enables her and others to impact positive change in the world from a grass roots level.  Yoga is non-judgemental and so in Imogen this inspires possibility and encourages self-awareness and conscious action.  

Through yoga, Imogen helps people fulfil their potential, arming them with the knowledge to begin again, to begin something new and to grow.  Imogen believes the whole yoga community could come together and provide the tools for positive change to build resilience in communities.  As Imogen puts it, “the spirit needs to give - if you have something to give - something to contribute beyond yourself - you must grow”.  

The OMPowerment Project will work with Imogen this November to deliver a second training. For the first time, we will deliver a training aimed at yoga teachers enabling them to deliver further OMPowerment yoga trainings to refugees and communities that are internally displaced. We hope this will allow these communities to take control of their own healing. From Imogen’s perspective, the key to change is empowerment.

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