BELONGING: A Sharing Humanity Seed Pod Gathering
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YOGA = UNION Creative practise + soul food afternoon with The Creative Soul Collective

Sunday 11th August, 2pm- 5.30pm, Holdspace, Islington

This is a body positive, inclusive yoga practise and spirit gathering. Yoga is a tool to help us connect with and understand each other and ourselves. Part of this journey of understanding is acknowledging the ways in which we are not always living in unity.
We will explore through body positive asana, meditation, use of voice and creative play. Then we'll all share a vegan Gujarati Indian meal; an offering from my family and honouring of the Indian roots of yoga.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and connect in this circle, including: people of colour, intersectional people, those who consider themselves to have a disability, people with no former yoga practise, people who may have felt uncomfortable or unwelcome in yoga spaces before.
::No one will be excluded due to ticket price. Please get in touch with me if there is support that could enable you to attend::