Greece 2019


In November, we are excited to collaborate with Sanaz Yaghmai and Refugym, for our first-ever, Farsi language training.

Founded in 2017, Refugym operates at the Malakasa refugee camp in Greece offering exercise programming to the Afghan community. Refugym was created in an effort to address the boredom and stagnation that arises within refugee camps.

With ample research showing the positive impact of exercise on mental health Refugym provides refugees the opportunity to exercise, release feel-good endorphins, and simply have some fun! One of Refugym’s fundamental objectives is to empower refugees to run the sports/exercise programming themselves, creating a community-led initiative within the camp and therefore a sustainable project. Sports leaders utilise their skills to meet the needs of their own community through a safe and structured sports programme.

Refugym currently has 11 refugees running their programming! With an incredibly varied timetable, from self-defence and Taikwondo to football, Kung-Fu and swimming, the Ompowerment collaboration will further enhance the community's strengthening efforts.