OMPowerment Training

Our mission is to spread the resource of trauma informed yoga to as many people as possible. We have developed our OMPowered Leadership Training to empower refugees worldwide to lead themselves and members of their communities in the healing practice of trauma informed yoga. To implement this training, we travel to refugee communities and camps and provide free, week-long trainings that equip men and women with the skills to create a safe space in their communities, free of labels and judgement, in which men and women can relieve anxiety and build confidence and self-esteem. We focus on basic, core poses and teach a set of go to sequences that participants can have ready at hand. All participants receive a bilingual manual, video resources (when available), and a mat to keep as a way to continue their practice.

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We are currently developing two additional trainings: the OMPowered Trauma Awareness for Volunteers and the OMPowered Facilitator Training. Both will be offered predominately online and include a manual, video resources, exercises and contemplations, and a mentoring component. The OMPowered Trauma Awareness for Volunteers will be required for all volunteers that wish to work with us and must be completed before assisting in a training. The OMPowered Facilitator Training will be required for all current yoga teachers that wish to take this work in to their own communities. We are still finalizing the certification track for this component.

While still in development, we intend for the training to cover an overview OMPowerment and our methodology; an overview of the refugee situation in the relevant country; an overview of trauma/PTSD; the benefits of yoga for trauma; modifications for trauma informed yoga; and sensitivities and precautions for using yoga to work with trauma/PTSD, among other topics.