In Ramallah, we worked with the powerful changemaker Shadan to organize a training at Farashe. Shadan is working to provide the Arab world with tools that empower individuals to live and lead healthier and happier lives. She has been hard at work creating an online platform that provides yoga videos and Ayurvedic/nutritional guidance in Arabic. 

Each day, the trainees showed up - often despite long waits and tense situations at the checkpoints - and dedicated their time and energy to learning all they could about themselves and this practice.

To close the training, five trainees worked together to teach a class for us, their friends, and the Farashe community. Each trainee brought their own unique dynamic to their sequencing and transmission. We can't wait to hear more about how they are using these tools in their own work, including work to empower Palestinian civil society, lead movement practices for LGBT youth, and advocate for sexual choice and freedom from child marriage.

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