The Basics


What types of volunteer work and projects are available?

Opportunities to assist on a training are available whether you are a yoga teacher or not. If you're a teacher, you can assist with leading asana and meditation, offering verbal adjustments, and managing workshops. If you are not a teacher, we would love to have you join us and help out with everything from managing logistics to posting on our blog and social media channels. Either way, you will work directly with us and with the refugee the communities.


What costs are involved? Do I need to pay to volunteer?

All of our projects are free of charge and we do not charge a participation fee of any kind. However, volunteers will be responsible for getting themselves to the project of their choice, and they must have travel insurance if the project is not in their home country.

Additionally, we will ask that all volunteers fundraise to offset their travel and participation costs and to invest in future OMPowerment programming.  The easiest way is to set up a personal fundraising page and the share the link with your friends and family. We are more than happy to help you with this process.




Are there any requirements to assist in a non-teaching capacity?

All we require is that you be passionate about our work, emotionally stable and resilient, proactive yet flexible, and, of course, a generally warm and compassionate individual that we would enjoy traveling with. 

Before traveling, we will ask that you complete OMPowerment's online (or in-person) Trauma Informed Yoga Awareness training. The training will cover: an overview OMPowerment and our methodology; overview of the refugee situation in the relevant country; an overview of trauma/PTSD; benefits of yoga for trauma; modifications for trauma informed yoga; and sensitivities and precautions for using yoga to work with trauma/PTSD. 



any additional requirements for yoga teachers?

If you are a yoga teacher, we will ask that you complete both OMPowerment's Trauma Informed Yoga Awareness  and the Trauma Informed Yoga for Teachers training prior to volunteering. 

Among other things, this training will cover our methodological approach to trauma informed yoga. We appreciate that teachers from numerous yoga lineages may be interested in volunteering and, while we value the beauty in each of these different styles, we will require that you teach according to the methodology we have developed.

Additionally, we ask that you have valid insurance and, ideally, current First Aid qualification. A devoted personal practice is essential; a regular teaching practice is useful.