Yoga for Trauma and Transformation: healing stress and anxiety & creating a more just world. With Hala Khouri.

Yoga for Trauma and Transformation: healing stress and anxiety & creating a more just world. With Hala Khouri.

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6 Workshops with Hala Khouri between Friday 12 and Sunday 14 July, 2019 at the City of London School for Girls, near the Barbican.

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Yoga for Trauma and Transformation: healing stress and anxiety & creating a more just world.

The OMPowerment Project and The Practices are honoured to welcome Hala Khouri to London for a series of 6 workshops over 3 days, from Friday 12 - Sunday 14 July, 2019. All workshops will take place at the City of London School for Girls, near the Barbican.

Friday 12 July

Afternoon workshop 1-5pm: TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA BASICS  for teachers teachers, clinicians and interested students.

The goal of a trauma informed yoga practice is to build resiliency and establish greater self-regulation. It is about feeling safe and at home in our bodies so that we can feel stable, have good self-esteem, and healthy relationships.  A trauma informed yoga practice is sensitive to the needs of a participant with trauma symptoms, and offers them tools to feel safe, empowered and self-regulated.

 This workshop is for yoga teachers and anyone holding space for people with trauma. Hala will review the physiology of stress and trauma and share some foundational tools for teaching in a trauma sensitive way. These principles are important in all yoga classes, not just ones for survivors of trauma specifically. Ultimately a trauma informed practice is one that invites us to focus on nervous system regulation, not just physical alignment.

Topics covered include he physiology of stress and trauma; the 3 sources of trauma and resilience; tools for discharging traumatic stress from the body; and the main elements of a trauma informed class

It is recommended that you also sign up for the evening practice where Hala will model the tools and techniques she teaches in a class for the general public

Evening workshop 6:30-8:30pm: YOGA FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY. All are welcome

Join Hala for a healing and nurturing practice of yoga and self-reflection.  This practice will be geared towards helping you explore the different ways yoga can help with symptoms of anxiety, stress and even trauma. Throughout the class Hala will offer information on how these things can hinder our ability to feel self-regulated (grounded, centered and in present time), and how we can regain our ability to feel safe and stable in our bodies through yoga and somatic practices.

 All are welcome, no yoga experience necessary. 


Saturday 13 July


If you have experienced trauma, are exposed to others struggling with trauma’s impact, or are dealing with the stress of everyday life, yoga can help you. Yet sometimes people don’t feel comfortable in yoga classes, and this can be due to many reasons such as feeling intimidated by the practice, not feeling like you fit in, or finding that the practice makes you feel more anxious or out of balance.

 During this workshop Hala will share with you some specific techniques and pieces of information to empower you to make your practice truly healing.  Whether you go to group classes or practice at home, this course will offer you some tools to incorporate into your practice as well as tips on how to find the right yoga teacher or style to suite your specific needs. Just because it’s yoga doesn’t mean it is healing, and sometimes it can even be harmful.  Hala believes that yoga students should feel empowered to make choices in their practice that work for them, not just take instructions passively from a teacher.  She also believes that with a few minor adjustments, you can transform your practice into one that supports you to feel more grounded, regulated, and balanced.*

This course is appropriate for people brand new to yoga or just thinking about trying yoga as well as experienced practitioners and teachers wanting to deepen their practice.

*yoga should never be used to replace good mental health counseling.  Yoga in conjunction with counseling is what has been found to be effective in treating trauma symptoms.

 Afternoon workshop 3-5:30pm: YOGA FOR RADICAL TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING. All with some yoga experience

Take a deep dive into your practice. In this yoga, dance and meditation class Hala will take you on a journey of inner exploration, embodiment and movement meant to groudd you and open your heart.  Come ready to sweat, cry and celebrate in this ritual class meant to move you on all levels.

*yoga experience suggested for this class


Sunday 14 July


As yogis, if we claim we want to be conscious, then we must be conscious of the context we live in. Understanding the dynamics around power, privilege, and oppression are a part of this journey.  If we truly want to be able to say “Namaste” that we are all one, then we must know the ways that we divide and separate.  This is the root of our suffering; and although the truth is that we are all one, that is not the reality we live in.

This workshop is for those wanting to deepen their understanding of how social injustice operates, how it impacts all of us, and how we might begin the work of pushing back against and shifting the systems we live in that benefit a few and harm most.

Our goal is to create a brave space to have these often difficult conversations. Hala will guide you through embodied explorations of these concepts and hopefully leave you feeling optimistic about a future where we can truly care for one another.

Afternoon classroom 2-5pm: TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA LAB for teachers.

This class is for teachers who took the Trauma Basics workshop. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper into trauma informed language and sequencing.  You will have a chance to practice the techniques and take your teaching to the next level.  Hala will also share specific considerations for the various populations and communities you might be interested in working with.  This is a rich, experiential learning session for yoga teachers and even clinicians wanting to bring yoga to their clients.

Community Pass (£160) includes 4 workshops: Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning

Teacher Pass (£200) includes 5 workshops: Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon

Hala Khouri, M.A., SEP, E-RYT, has been teaching yoga and the movement arts for over 25 years and has been doing clininical work and trainings for 15 years. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Community Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is currently working on her doctorate in Community Psychology with an emphasis on Liberation Studies and Eco Psychology.  Hala is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based psychotherapy that helps resolve trauma and its symptoms. 

Hala is a co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, a training organization that bridges yoga and activism within a social justice framework. She leads trauma informed yoga trainings nationally. She has been in private practice for 10 years working with individuals and couples. Hala also works with A Thousand Joys training direct service providers and educators to be trauma informed and culturally responsive.  She is a sought-after speaker and trainer on the subject of trauma, yoga and social justice. She lives in Venice, CA with her husband and two sons where she also teaches public yoga classes weekly.